Sunday, July 13, 2008

Recent Studio Progress

Just an update of the many goings ons with the new studio...

We've been working to get everything in the walls in anticipation for drywall, which should be up this week. All the wiring, including low voltage, is in and the insulation guys got the walls netted and blew in the blown insulation last week. Al, my bro, came over and help me (he did most the work) dig a trench through my backyard to run the gas line. Much to Mandy's chagrin since we'd just gotten all our sprinklers adjusted. But the gas line is in, including the furnace and duct work--and after tonight we'll be ready for drywall. We've got some work to do tonight before the inspector comes in the morning to give us the ok to drywall which hopefully goes as planned since the drywaller is coming tomorrow as well...

We're definitely close(or closer) to having a finished artist's studio. Here's some photos:

This is the furnace room--Jared came over and helped me frame in and close off the furnace area in the loft. This photo shows the opening for double doors on the right and an access panel on the left.

Another look at the furnace room

A view from the loft...that's the opening for the drop down stair

Another look from the loft

The recently finished brick

This is the back door and the netted wall with blown-in cellulose

and...looking to the left....

The commercially rated drop down stair, it's pretty narrow to walk up but it's pretty awesome at the same time


Becky's Place said...

Looks good.

Anonymous said...

I've really appreciated your "studio building chronicles". I'm just getting started on this process (though still in the planning/hoping stage) and your posts are extremely helpful. Wonderful work too, btw! :-)

Unknown said...

I found your blog through Jen Young's site and was happy to see your website, too.
I agree with Jennifer, I am redoing my garage in a month or so and these postings and photos are very helpful. Thanks for sharing it all.
I admire your work!

Casey Childs said...


thanks for the compliments on my work and good luck with your studio project. And let me know if you have any questions about things I did/didn't do with the new studio.

thanks again, and I know how overwhelming try to build/plan a new studio can be so let me know if I be of any help.