Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A New Painting

Casey Childs, Hayden, oil, gold leaf on canvas, 32x14" Frame by Rett Ashby.

Here's a new painting commission I finished just before Christmas. I haven't done any gold leaf in my work in quite some time, but the client really liked the look of it in the portraits of my boys and wanted me to add it. So I decide to reflect the swirls of her beautiful red hair with the pattern of gold in the background. I think it turned out alright.


Vincenzo said...

Beautiful piece!

Casey Childs said...

thanks Vincenzo!

Designers Depot said...

love your artwork, nice job!

BRoy said...

Just great! In all this detail you still don't lose the face.

Keep up the great work Casey.

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fine art said...

Hi Casey, I was so amazed when I saw your painting. The color, the background really turned out just right.

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