Monday, September 18, 2006

Vasari Oil Colors

This paint has recently become my personal paint of choice. I still have some tubes of Grumbacher Oils left, which I will probably use until they're gone. Can't waste it! Grumbacher is a very good paint, but Vasari seems to be the Cadillac of oil paints. It is a very smooth paint that has the consistency of warm butter and the colors are very rich.
I first heard about this great paint when I was reading online about the palettes that some of today's portrait artists use. One of those was David Kassan, you can view his website from the link on the right, and he said he used Vasari paint exclusively. So I looked into the paint brand, and immediately was turned off by the prices. $10 a tube, just for the earth tones! And the cadmiums were 2-3 times that! But I really became interested in trying the paint when I attended a workshop from William Whitaker, another great artist, and he said he was using only Vasari paints.

I thought if these great artists are using this paint I had to at least try them. And now I see why they use it, it's just a wonderful paint to paint with. So if I've peaked your interest, checking them out at

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