Thursday, October 12, 2006

Girl with Braids - Part 14

The progress you see here is mainly with the clothing. I like how loose the brushstrokes are in that area, and I won't add any more detail there. I just need to finish the hair and some additional detail work on the face, slap a frame on it and I'll call this one finished. I make it sound like I should be done tomorrow or something...but, no, the perfectionist in me says--it's just not that easy, casey.


following her bliss said...

Oh, that it could be so simple!

For those of us not related, I've been meaning to ask...who is she? She's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Looks great Casey (and we're not saying this just because we're your neighbors!) --Jen & Joe

Casey Childs said...

The little gal is my niece, she's a cutie isn't she? She just seems to make the perfect portrait, it almost paints itself.

thanks jen&joe, when are ya going to come next door and see the real thing? :)