Monday, November 27, 2006

Young Woman - Mid-Tone Wash

Just a quick post to show the mid-tone wash applied. If you're interested in seeing how I apply the wash, go to the post "Girl with Braids - Part 4" back in Sept.
Now on to color....


following her bliss said...

I love this painting already...has a nice retro flay-vah.

We love checking in on the blog. My in-laws were admiring your work this weekend - talent, talent, talent!

Casey Childs said...

thanks for the comment/comments. Just like with your blog, I was beginning to wonder if anyone has been reading!

The hair really makes this one look retro, doesn't it? I'm hoping to give this painting a very classical mood. Kind of a Rembrandt-esque feeling, I might be asking a lot out of myself because definitely no Rembrandt. But you got to dream big, right?