Friday, January 12, 2007


That's the name we so affectionately call our two year old's favorite companion. Not very creative I know, but it works. He carries this critter around with him almost everywhere he goes and, of course, "Bear" can't go to sleep without Evan nestled beside him. Or vice-versa. We believe life would end as we know it if anything happened to our furry friend.
Since I thought "Bear" would be a great subject for a painting, I had him sit for me over this past weekend while I painted his portrait. I asked Bear's best friend for his critique and he blurted out alot of jibberish along with some finger I(we) think it turned out quite well.


VaughAn said...

I not only like the subject, but your background story as well.

katealyson said...

"It's's, it's incredible!" That is definitely the bear I know!

Anonymous said...

It's very strange one what has happened to him but still nice one

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