Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Still working...

Well, I guess I got a little anxious when I said the sketch was done. Technically, I'm still sketching the drawing. As you can see here, I'm still working on the drawing with paint--refining the sketch. I'm making progress though, and if I cross my fingers, I'll finish the drawing with paint by the end of the week.


following her bliss said...

Sorry I haven't been very blogeriffic lately, as I've meant to comment but have been utterly diverted.

I love where you are going with this one. Can't wait to see it progress... but don't hurry because I can tell it will be worth the wait!

Casey Childs said... hurries, but I can't wait to see it either! Glad to have you blogging again. I keep checking your blog for more progress on the house, but I'm sure you've been too busy to blog. I enjoy seeing your project come together too.