Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pastry Chef - Part 5

There's really no method to my madness in this painting, I've just painted areas that seem interesting to paint at the moment. Which in my mind is not bad, the only worry about working this way is that the painting can become disjointed and not unified. But so far everything seems to be working, so let's hope it stays that way.
One tip to remember--value is always more important than color. Controlling the light to dark values is especially important in this painting which has a very complicated background. The objects will not seem real or believeable if I don't get the values right. That is why drawing is easier for some people than painting because light and dark values are alot easier to see in shades of gray.

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Amanda said...

Do you know how cool this guy is? He was mentioned in "The New Awesome" blog last week ( AND he was on TV this morning on "Good Things Utah." I only hope he doesn't forget his friends and neighbors when he's rich and famous with his chain of gourmet pizzerias throughout Utah ...