Friday, August 31, 2007


Here's a new painting I've just started. The canvas size is 20" x 36". What I've painted here is a quick grisaille to establish the drawing. I'm adding another figure on the left that will be slightly larger than the already sketched in outline. I plan to keep the figure on the left b&w and the main figure will be full color.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks great Casey! The lighting on the face is perfect. It's tough to tell in digital format, but the face looks "loose" but yet still has a bunch of detail (the eyes are incredible). Part of me want to say "keep it this loose", but the other part thinks "how great will a tightened version of this look!"

I'll be curious to see what direction you go with this. So far, I think it's one of the better things I've seen you do!

Casey Childs said...

Hey there, fcm--thanks for commenting! I'm glad to hear you like this painting. I'm excited about it, hope it turns out the way I see it in my head. I'm trying to finish this up by the end of the month for a show at the Woodbury Museum(UVSC). I want to play around with the loose vs. tight feel in this piece, so I'm glad you mentioned it. I plan to have a "loose" feel for the figure on the left, which will have about the same level of completion as the one you see here, and the figure here will be alot tighter and in color...stay tuned...I'd love to have your thoughts as this thing progresses.

How's Seattle? R U missing UT county yet?