Saturday, March 08, 2008

Let the framing begin....

...and will end almost as quickly. The framers started yesterday and they tell me they will be done today. Pretty cool stuff.

Things here have finally started to thaw out a little from our cold winter which means we're finally going on the studio again. All the moisture we've had out here has led to a huge amount of mud which has caused problems with pouring the slab. So we decided to go ahead and have them frame the building and pour the slab later. This way we can keep that area from getting any wetter and will hopefully dry out sooner so we can get the slab poured. It's very exciting to now have a building to see instead of just the idea of it in my head.

Now that things are moving along with the new studio, I plan to make as many posts as I can about everything I will put into it which I hope will be helpful for anyone putting together their own studio space. So stay are some pics and I'll post more pics tomorrow:

the walls almost built

the north wall being craned in, cool view huh?

looking south


I think we got the neighbors wondering at this point...

attic trusses for the bonus room

the bonus room taking shape

Evan thinks it should be larger

gotta have one more shot of the windows


Amanda said...

What a monstrosity!

Casey Childs said...

you know you love it! :)

Amanda said...

I know I'm going to love kicking you and all your stuff out of that room downstairs--woo hoo!

Christina said...

Looks good Cas. Love the windows!!

Casey Childs said...

You know you'll miss me! :)

thanks, you guys should come out and see it. I'll put ya to work!

Christina said...

sounds good cas. Maybe we'll move in, it looks big enough!!

katealyson said...

it better be done by the time i get there in a week! i expect a nice place to stay! :) so that puppy in one of those pics is so dang cute!! oh, and the studio looks good too. haha! but seriously casey, it rocks! is that where i will be staying when i move to utah in a few months?