Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An almost Completed Portrait

I've been working on this portrait for quite some time now. But I'm happy to say it's just about done. Just a few minor things to do.

I've been painting this piece under Whitaker's tutelage and I think it really shows. I'm very pleased with how this one turned out. I feel technically this is my best to date. I like the unfinished look at the bottom and plan to add a wash of the background color to unify and give the piece a "finished" look.

here's a combined look at all my progress shots~


Unknown said...

Thanks for the step by step,Casey. It is a wonderful painting. You should be proud.
What colors do you use for the backdrop? Do you decide on that afterwards, is it the real color or do you use a color according to the flesh colors in the sitter? I paint portraits, too and I have found this to be a dilemma at times.

Casey Childs said...


I understand your dilema, I too struggle with finding a good background color for my portraits. Ideally, I would find a good neutral colored backdrop that went well(or complimented) with the sitter's flesh tones, but this portrait was painted from existing photographs so I wasn't able to do that. He had so many red tones in his face I decided to go with a green mixture(viridian+burnt umber)to compliment and pull down all the existing red in his face. I guess when in doubt, go with a complimentary color. :)

btw-thanks for the kind words about my work and good luck with your new studio project. That's very exciting to have a nice, new place to create!

Unknown said...

The finished project is now at my sisters house and it is wonderful.