Friday, August 29, 2008

The Latest Studio Progress

The new studio is getting closer and closer to being finished but there's still a lot to do. Currently we're working on getting the flooring in so the cabinets can be installed next week. Here's some photos and details...

This is the new installed garage door. Although I don't have plans to use the garage door very much, we figured if we ever end up selling our house someone could use the studio as a really nice place to park their car. I made sure this is a double steel, insulated door for obvious insulating purposes but also to keep out noise as well. We also had weatherstripping installing around the door to block any drafts or moisture coming through.

The lights are working in the loft and a/c is going as well.

Another look at the loft and also the bathroom down below.
This wall will have all the cabinets that are currently being built. There will be a deep sink on the left hand side next to the door. And on the right will be a desk where the 1/2 wall is lower.

Ceiling fan and lights.
Another look.
this is the west wall and my sweet ride...

To get the flooring to lay properly without any squeaks or creaks, the floor needs to be almost perfectly level. The area in front of the north wall, seen below, was significantly lower than everything else. So I've bought a bunch of floor patch and I'm now working to bring this whole area back up to level so I can get the flooring down.


Amanda said...

Get used to your new sweet ride. I'm selling the black one.

Christina said...

I love it, it looks great! But where's the pullout bed for when we move in?