Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Studio Paint Color

So I'm ready to finally paint the wall of my studio, but what is the perfect paint color for a studio?
And how does one find it?

Some time ago, long before I had plans to build a studio, I read this post on the Portrait Artist Forum:

So at that point I had an idea of what color I should paint my studio, a gray green color. And now, since I've been studying with Bill Whitaker, Bill has told me that there's a color already out there from Benjamin Moore called "Mohegan Sage" that is very close to the color he was writing about in his tread but even better. And this is much easier to get since this is a "standard" mixture from Benjamin Moore and most paint stores will be able to mix this color without any problem.

Here's a picture of Mohegan Sage on the wall:

and here's the freshly painted studio--getting close to rolling in the easel!

Thanks to Jared for helping me getting all this color on the walls.


Becky's Place said...

Wow, Looks good!

Ribera said...

I read that forum post as well, Casey, and
it appears that now, that forum's been
shut, or isn't active at the moment.
Fortunately, then, I'd printed that thread
That stated, you wrote, "that is very close
to the color he was writing about in his
thread but EVEN BETTER."
Do you mean to state he preferred this
"Mohegan Sage" to the custom-mix?
I ask as it so happens I believe I have the
formula for the mixture, and if there's a
better one, already mixed up, please
share before I have this mixture

Ribera said...


Eston said...
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