Monday, November 03, 2008

More work on the new studio

Work continues on the new studio. Lots of work has been done since my last post about the studio--some very noticeable, some not so much. I'll try to list them below....

Cabinets are in and set. These cabinets were custom made according to a layout I gave the cabinet makers. This is the utility cabinet which has a cutout for the mini frig. A necessity for those late night munchies.

These cabinets are to the left of the cabinets in the previous picture. In between them will be a space for a desk. Towards the far end will be the utility sink.

North side with the siding and soffit finished.

The newly finished bathroom (including a working toilet)
The floor boxes are installed and ready for electrical and data to be hooked up.

This is the carpet for the loft. It should be installed sometime next week.
A close-up of the moulding I used to finish off the flooring around the garage door. I installed a "Tsunami Seal" under garage door to block out any moisture. Along with using silicone to seal everything to make sure no water can get under the laminate.
a better look at the seal and floor edge
The completed front side.
Check out the eave lights. Cool.
One of the six speakers painted and installed into the ceiling. It's my opinion that every studio should have a good sound system.
The bathroom is about completed, just need the sink and countertop.
And the new tile. This design evolved from just being all straight white tiles to what you see here.


Christina said...

Oh good, it's almost ready for us to move in then? Looks great! Why did you do that to your windows? I've never seen that before.

Casey Childs said...

You bet, the rent's not cheap but it's worth it. :)

Are you talking about the frost on the windows? I've kept the furnace off until I actually start working in there. So ever since the temperature dropped the other day the windows have been frosting up in the mornings. Don't worry, it's not permanent.

Christina said...

Oh, that makes more sense. I thought maybe you put something on them to diffuse the light or something crazy that I've never heard of before.
You've really done a great job on the studio. It looks like a wonderful place to create masterpieces!

Becky's Place said...

I'm waiting for my official invite so I can inspect. :) It looks great!! Awesome job!!

Anonymous said...

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