Saturday, August 29, 2009

Drawing Video

I created this video to show my drawing process. It was really boring in real time so I had to speed it up. It's still pretty boring, but not as much now. This drawing I'm creating here is after Nicolai Fechin (1881-1955), his drawings are having an amazing blend of draftsmanship (structure/form) and energetic line work. His drawings are definitely worth checking out. Here's my finished drawing:


following her bliss said...

Not boring at all! Love the drawing, and it was great to watch the process. What a good idea...I'm so pleased that you posted it! I am going to have Mags watch it tomorrow so she can see the process and what the real deal looks like!

James L Johnson said...

I agree, and great drawing. Love the one of your two boys as well, wow. It was great meeting you the other day! You have some great stuff up

Christina said...

So my kids new favorite thing to do is "watch Casey drawing!!" I hear it all the time- especially with Annika. Maybe when she's old enough I'll send her to the Childs school of art ( you know, like Reubens...:))