Monday, December 07, 2009

Recent Drawings

It's so important to work from life, I know I've already mentioned that in a previous post--but growth as an artist happens so much quicker when working from life instead of a photo. You can SEE so much more in a live model that the camera can't. I think there are some artists out there that shy away from it for one reason or another, but I feel it's really the best way to improve the quality of one's work. Now I'm not saying I don't work from photos because I do, but I'm learning that by working from life I've improved the quality of my work. Especially when I've needed to use photographs.

Here's a few live sketches I've done recently:

Katers. charcoal on paper. 10" x 8". 2009.
$300 USD (frame included)

Nicole. charcoal on paper. 10" x 10". 2009.

Jill. charcoal on paper. 10" x 8". 2009.
$300 USD (frame included)

So....I'm always looking for willing victims to come sit for me--so if you're interested (and live in the area), write me an email or give me a call!

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