Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 Miss Orem Portrait Sketch Demonstration

2010 Miss Orem Portrait Sketch Demonstration from Casey Childs on Vimeo.

I put this video together from the footage we shot during my live drawing demonstration with 2010 Miss Orem, Bridget Kreis, as the model. The portrait demo was during this last weekend's Orem Arts in the Park event, although we got rained out so the event ended up taking place inside. It was a fun experience sketching Bridget, we started out in the hallway but halfway through they asked us to move so more people could see us.

Thanks to Michael VaughAn,, for getting all the video footage. And, of course, to Bridget for sitting so still. Thank you to everyone else who was involved in this little shindig.



Filipe said...

As always, great stuff, Casey. Good job on not just doing a time lapse or something - it's fun to see the work going down and seeing the environment and atmosphere. Looked like you were trying to work during lunch hour at my high school though!

Where can I see the final sketch?

Casey Childs said...

Hey man, thanks! Ha, yeah, looks like we were in a school, huh. The idea was to sketch her outside in my booth for the Arts in the Park, but the weather was terrible!

I posted the final on facebook for ya. :) But I'll get the image out here. Plus, I drew a musician on Saturday which was fun--I'll post that pic too.

shane said...

i thought sitting in a cubicle was fun but after watching this i've changed my mind. good jobbers!