Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photos from BYU Exhibit

Here's a few images from my recent show at BYU (courtesy of Michael VaughAn)


fmuff said...

I don't think one of those paintings meets BYU's dress code? Did you have to get a letter from your bishop saying to was ok?

fmuff said...

Oh yeah ... and the show looks nice. ;)

And how much was the appearance fee for Family VaughAn? It's nice to see them all together in one place, I've heard it gets contentious when they are all together beacuse they all fight over the green M&M's. That's probably why you had to do your sketches of them separately!

Casey Childs said...

No, definitely doesn't meet dress code--that's why there's a full page description hanging next to it! The bishop wrote it. :)