Monday, May 09, 2011

2011 Art of the Portrait Conference

I had the opportunity for the second time to attend the Portrait Society of America's Art of the Portrait Conference held this year in Atlanta, GA. If you've seen my blog you know that this year I was selected as a finalist which is a HUGE honor. All the finalists works were amazing. And I'm pleased to announce my painting was awarded First Honors!! (5th place overall)

It's was a great weekend and I enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people and artists. Here are a few pictures:

Some of the finalists paintings on display during the conference.

My painting alongside a painting by the nicest guy and a wonderful artist, Will Nathans.

View from my hotel room. The weather was great!

A demo by David Laffel kicked off the conference.

Jeremy Lipking's painting demo.

The list of the artists who participated in the 6x9 Mystery Art Sale.

My painting sold! Whew...

The amount of people packed into that room was crazy! Lots of fun.

The awards banquet, I was sitting across from David Laffel and Sherrie McGraw. Very cool.

My painting during the video presentation.

The finalists.

I'm sure I'm saying something clever or funny, but probably not.

Jeremy's beautiful face-off painting--amazing brushwork!

Accepting my "First Honors" award.


Filipe said...

That might be the single coolest blog post! Congrats on the awards and all the prestige that comes with it, I'm sure! But also, thanks for sharing all the pics and vid. I can't image now excited you must be, I'm excited just reading about it.

Amanda said...

Hooray! The hours and hours of hard work paid off. :)

Lisa Webb said...

you are amazing mr. childs