Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Girl with Braids - Part 13

Part 13...maybe I should have saved this post until Friday. Yes, I know, I've changed the background yet again--but I like the lighter, blue color better than the dark. I've continued to refine the colors and values in the face, and if you haven't already noticed this process takes a very long time. It take alot of work to make the skin appear natural and luminous. I don't think a photo can really show this...you'd have to see it in person.


following her bliss said...

Wow! I must say, I agree that this color is a better fit. The darker color was nice, but for some reason it was a bit distracting, comparatively speaking. I'm curious...do most of your portraits undergo so many background changes? We pay such close attention to the actual figure (which is worth the attention, by the way!), and perhaps we overlook the subtlety and thought the artist gives the background. It's fascinating!

Casey Childs said...

No, my portrait backgrounds don't usually go through so many changes but since this is a personal piece, I've had fun experimenting and trying different things. I do like this background, I'll most likely keep it(btw...the blue is a little saturated in the image--it's actually more gray). I've really focused on the background because I think with a certain type of background the piece becomes more of an art piece than a portrait of a specific girl, which is what I'm trying to accomplish.