Thursday, May 24, 2007

"I saw your painting in the Deseret News!"

I got a call the Sunday before last from Mandy's cousin Piper saying, "Congrats, I saw your painting in the Deseret News!" I believe my first thought was, "Huh?" You see I had no idea about the newspaper article or the fact that my painting was featured in a story about the Springville Salon. FYI, just by entering an art competition you then allow the gallery and/or said competition directors permission to use your art for promotion, etc. But I thought they might call or write or something to inform me they would be using my image, well obviously not, but that's just fine because I'm excited to have my painting in the news article. Thanks Piper for seeing it! Check out the article online,,1249,660219760,00.html, and I also ran out that day and bought a Deseret newspaper (we get the Herald)--so here's a pic of news clipping

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