Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Studio

Well, we're moving. Yep, we've put our house up for sale and we've found a place we like in Pleasant Grove. We're sad to leave our home and neighbors, but excited for the new experience at the same time. And with that move, I plan to build a detached garage that would be my new studio space. This new building would be built as a garage/workshop (for resale purposes) but would be used solely as my studio space.
So here are my plans, these are rough and nothing here is professionally done but gives you an idea of what I'm thinking.
And my question to all my fellow bloggers out there is, what do you think? Is there something I should add or haven't considered? Let me know. I'll try to explain these plans the best I can...

Here is the sketch of the floor plan. The north side is to the right, 3 large windows are planned on that side to utilize the north light. The customer entrance is on the SE side where I will have a room that will be the gallery/office space. This would be an nice area for consultations, to meet the client, display work, etc. which will be separate from the main studio space. And a small 1/2 bath on the SW side with doors both to the gallery and studio. 2 sink--one for the bath, the other for the studio(cleaning brushes, etc.) The garage door would rarely be used, it's mainly there for resale purposes. There's a separate entrance from the house into the studio from the North side. Also, this building will be heated and cooled.

A 3D look from the SE side--the client's entrance.
And from the North, BIG windows--lots of north light. Cool.


following her bliss said...

Congrats on the prospect of a new studio. Very cool! P.G., eh? Looks like we'll be neighbors! Good luck with moving...'cause it's so much fun. ahem...yeah, fun. Okay, it's fun when it's done.

Also, that is very cool about the newspaper article. Movin' on up...

Ali said...

Hi Casey, wow, how exciting to get a new home and a new studio. it looks good.

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