Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Studio update

The plans for my new studio should be drawn up by the end of this week. I'm very excited to finally get this project underway. I'll post them out here as soon as I have them. In my researching the web to find out what the ideal studio should contain (I can't leave anything out) I found some useful information I thought I'd share. Here's some tips for furnishing an artist's studio:

Workspace: This could be a desk or an easel. Most artists will have both in their studios. (I plan to have both including 2-3 easels as to be working on multiple paintings.)
Northern light is the ideal light for an artist's studio. Northern light is reflected light so it does not have intense transition of bright light to dark shaded areas. This makes diffuse northern light ideal for the artist, but in any case, there should be abundant lighting for the artist. Track lighting is a good idea to light multiple areas and paintings without having to move equipment around.
Storage: Always have plenty of containers, shelves, drawers and cupboard for storage of work and art materials.
Covers and sheets: Covers can be used for covering up the floor or other areas when painting.
Flammable materials: Any flammable materials, white spirit, oil paint and oil based ink should be stored separate in a metal box with lid.
Chair: It is important to have a good comfortable chair to sit in, one which can be adjusted to the appropriate height for either desk or easel.
Shelves: Shelves and drawers are good for storing paper, books, magazines and artist materials.

Wall space: The studio should also have a certain amount of wall space for hanging paintings, as it is always good to see your work hanging on the wall for any final adjustments.
Wash & Drainage: Having a wash or a basin in the studio or close to your studio area is important for washing brushes and other used artist materials. Most serviced artist studios will have washing facilities available for artists to share, but if you are working from home or in your own external space, you should make sure that these facilities are available.
Sitting area: A small sitting area besides your desk can be good for relaxing or viewing your work from a different angle. If can also be good for viewing your work in a living environment.
Ventilation: Lots of fresh air and ventilation is important, especially for oil painting and airbrush work.
Heating: A couple of fan heaters can be useful in the winter if you live in cold areas.

One item left off this list which I believe is very important is music. Every artist studio should have some type of stereo/radio. I plan to wire the entire space for speakers, and use my ipod to play my music.

Here are some photos of studios I found on the web:

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