Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finally...a studio update

I actually have something to write about concerning the progress of my new studio. After waiting for 3 months for my architect to finish what I consider pretty simple plans, I gave up and went a different architect all together. And I'm glad I did. It took him only about a week, and he did a fabulous job. I'll post a few images of the set of plans he gave me.
The next step now is to go before the planning commission, which happens this Thurs., to get approval on this project. Because of P.G. city eavesments I'm required to go before the city due to the height of my building. But I'm told that this exception is approved all the time. So I'm optomistic. It's amazing the hoops the city makes you jump through to build anything on your property. With the approval I can start getting bids and, hopefully, start escavating in the next couple weeks.

East and West Elevations.

I plan to frame in the openings for the 2 windows on the west side but not actually put windows in. They'll just be an option to put in later.North and South Elevations.

What do you think of my North light? Pretty awesome, huh?

Main floor plan.

And the loft.

This will be for storing paintings and such, that's a drop-down stair you see there.

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