Monday, October 29, 2007

A Recent Work in Progress

I've been working on this tea cup at Whitaker's studio for the past few weeks. I think I have one more session on it. Oil on panel, 9"x12".

Also, the verdict is in about the north window layout for my was a very close race. Out of a total of 2 votes, (which just happened to be the same number that separated the candidates) the winner is Option #1, the large window in the middle.

Well, actually, I did have more than 2 votes for Option #1--they were verbal votes from fam and friends who let me know their thoughts on the situation. I do think Option #1 will be the best setup for me and I'm very excited (and anxious) to see the whole project come together.

Thanks to all who helped me decide. I hope you'll continue to help with other decisions I might face as this whole thing unfolds.


Hattermad said...

cool choice for the windows, glad to know one's vote counts somewhere here in the USA (hehehehe),

like the pitcher, hope you leave the bottom unfinished like Washington's portrait, for some reason when the page loaded and i saw your painting, that old portrait came to mind.

Those highlights really glow...

justin said...

yeah!, I saw this piece and its amazing