Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Can you dig it?

Work on the soon-to-be studio continues. Although we're running into a little snag with pouring the footings--the cold weather. If the low temps get below the mid 20s then we'll have to cover the footings and heat them so they can cure properly. I don't want to have to do that since it adds more cost to my already tight budget. I'm hoping that we might get out of our existing cold spell and the low temps will rise so I can avoid this extra cost.
But here's what we've got done: The excavators put in the stub for the sewer line and patched the street back up. They also ran a line into house for water which the plumber will hook up for us. We're now in the process of moving our buried cables away from where the corner of the building will be. The power company already came and ran a new line in the pipe that Jared and I put together. The phone and cable people are suppose to move their lines today so my excavator can come tomorrow and dig the hole.

And that's it so far, here's some pics to show proof.

Let's hope for warm weather!

The hole they dug to tie the sewer line into the street.
The sewer pipe. (The yellow is the gas line they almost hit, not their fault though)
The patched up street plus a fresh coat of snow.
The pipe with the new power line.

Our, now muddy, dirt pile.

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