Wednesday, January 30, 2008


10" x 8". oil.

I was inspired by Jason Waskey's blog so I decided to do this quick painting. His "everyday" small paintings have a looseness and quality that I really enjoy. I'm working to bring more of this looseness into my work while still achieving tight detail in some areas, similar to what Jason is doing. I like the visual excitement that the contrast of loose/sharp gives, it keeps the eye constantly moving about the image. I feel my drawings have a lot of this and I'm working to maintain that in my paintings. So I painted this painting to work on that visual contrast and tried to paint it as quickly as possible. I wanted it to be loose and detailed at the same time. The whole thing took about a couple of hours--I know, that's not that quick.


Jason Waskey said...

WOW! I pop in to see what's going on in your neck of the woods, and I see... this!

It's neat, isn't it, how we find inspiration from those around us. Yay for the internet!

I really like this painting, Casey.

You might be interested in a post from James Gurney, that speaks to what you're working on. It's worth a look:

Stroke Module

(thanks for the shout out, Casey)

Casey Childs said...

Jason, thanks for the inspiration and kind words. Glad to hear you like.

And thanks for the link, very informative. I appreciate you pointing it out to me.

Anonymous said...

Casey, I like this style (big surprise!). The looseness really does give it a lot of movement and seems to kinda draw you in and hold your focus--even with such a common subject. You rock!