Friday, February 08, 2008

Family Drawings

3 of the 5 commissioned drawings (this gives an idea of how they might look on the wall).

and here's a larger image of the most recent finished drawing.


Anonymous said...

Very nice work! I am sure the other 2 portraits are worth waiting for. I will be keep visiting, so please keep posting your progress.

Jason Waskey said...

Very sharp, Casey!

following her bliss said...

Hey Casey! These drawings are genius. So beautifully rendered and subtle. I'm not surprised by how good they are...but you know how there are just some images you have to look at 50 times because you keep thinking, "Man, that's good." Yeah.

Casey Childs said...

anonymous--thanks for the visit. Please do keep checking back.

Jason--thanks, man. Keep up the everyday paintings, I'm really enjoying going to your blog to see what you've painted each day.

ms. bliss--I'm glad that you commented, I was wondering if you were still visiting my blog. Happy to know you are. Thanks for the flattering words. What's interesting with these drawing is that I'll get them to the point where I think they're pretty darn good then show them to WW for a "critique". And he's always able to find something in them where I can make an area a little better or a line a little nicer which just make the piece so much better. He's definitely helped me take my work to another level.

justin said...

hey Casey. thanks man. its good to hear from you. Thats a great compliment coming from you. Your portraits are untouchable man. Do you have a little still life hanging in that new pizza place in Orem?

Andrew Morrill said...

Hey Casey, this is Andrew Morrill from the old ward. This is really great stuff. I especially like these family portraits. I can't even imagine how good you'll be when you have your own studio! :)

I recently made a blog of my finished large format photos. You can check it out if you want--

Keep up the good work!