Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let there be (north) Light...and shingles

Lots of progress was made yesterday on the studio. The windows were installed along with the shingles. I tossed around the idea of putting the shingles on myself but because of the extreme pitch(10/12) I finally decided to have the pros do it. Mandy told me it was very impressive how quickly the roofers laid down the shingles, they were done start to finish in about 2 hours. Now if I could just paint that quickly....

North windows

closer look

(can't wait to be painting in this wonderful light)

the window in the loft and the small bathroom window

note the harnesses--too steep for my blood

we went with a ridge vent instead of turtle vents, looks nicer that way don't ya think?


katealyson said...

So, yeah...that was pretty much the fastest shingling job I've ever seen! They were rockin it out there. Anyways, thanks for the good times this weekend. It was a blast. "Well Terry, it sure as **** ain't funny!" :)

Christina said...

looks great Cas! can't wait to move in!!

Caroline said...

I know this isn't the painting you are referring to, but when you are ready to paint you walls, remember I have a sprayer you can use. Nice Windows!!! -Ryan-