Thursday, March 13, 2008

A quick trip to see Rembrandt(of all things)

The weekend before last Mandy and I had the opportunity to take a quick trip to Denver to see an exhibit of Rembrandt etchings.

It was kind of funny to hear reactions of friends and family when we told them we were flying to Denver to see of all things--art. One of them even said to us, "Can't you see art on the web?" An understandable reaction, not too many people make trips solely to see artwork. But if you've ever seen an original Rembrandt or any other work from an old Master you'll agree it's just not the same as seeing it in a book or on the web. And actually if it wasn't for the generousity of my wonderful aunt, we wouldn't have been able to make the trip. She gave us the opportunity to go and we didn't hesitate. It was a wonderful trip.

Along with seeing the Rembrandt exhibit we also spent some time at the Denver Art Museum. Mandy wrote a great post about the entire trip, titled "Diversion"(check it out, you'll be glad you did), she described everything better than I possibly could. So I won't even attempt it--but here's some drawings from my sketchbook.

The first is from the Rembrandt exhibit and second image was while we were at the Denver Art Museum.

these sketches were exact replicas of the Rembrandt etchings until I
looked at them outside in full light...

A sketch of a marble bust in the Denver Art Museum. I was pleased with the results,
considering the number of people looking over my shoulder at the time.


justin said...

Casey your one of those painters I'm talking about. thanks for your comment, and what better reason is there to travel to denver anyway? That show sounds awesome

Casey Childs said...

justin, thanks for the comment. You're right, there's no better reason to travel then to see art. Congrats again for being selected as a finalist in PSOA competition. That's awesome, man.

Christina said...

Great sketches Cas! I love the bottom one!! I would have stared over your shoulder too. And that sketchbook looks awesome! Where in the world did you get one with a coptic binding??

Casey Childs said...

thanks tink! My awesome sis makes these sketchbooks, she's suppose to be making me some more. I'll send you one.