Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"The Big One"

Studio construction continues--we had the 4-way inspection yesterday, which is the "big one" where the city inspects the framing, plumbing, electrical and ductwork--if you pass this you're sitting pretty until the final or so I hear. I've also heard some horror stories about inspectors and their "God complex" so I was very nervous about what the inspector was going to say yesterday morning. But it passed! And not only passed but with flying colors, everything except the ductwork (which we don't have in yet). We had the 4-way without the ductwork so we could get brick on the front and we couldn't put any exterior on without a shear panel inspection and the said shear panel just happens to only be included in the 4-way or an added expense if not. Hence, no ductwork but the inspector was cool about it. He was very nice and only found a couple of things we need to fix. I think some things weren't as critical to inspect since this is technically a "garage." Like the fact that I don't need a smoke detector because it's just a garage--I think I'll be putting one in anyway.

Here's some recent photos:

The back entrance. This is the door adjacent to the back door of our house, which will most likely get the most traffic through it.

Switch boxes near the back door. From these boxes I'll be able to control all the lights in the building.
This is the structured wiring box. All internet, phone and video will go into this box.

The wall where the cabinets and utility sink will be.

And this is where the desk will be.

Canned lights under the loft. The square on the right is the door for the drop down stair.
Accent lights that will go in the pony walls around the interior of the studio.

The front door looking from inside.

And looking from outside.

And looking in.

Inside the 1/2 bath, all plumbing has been ran for the sink and toilet.

The electrical panel. (Leave lots of comment telling Jared how nice the panel looks that he made up.)

The drop down stair being assembled.

This is a stitch I put together showing the ceiling cans.

I tried to make this panorama show the entire north side. I guess I forgot to take some photos for the bottom left and right, but you get the idea, right?


Amanda said...

Where would we be without Jared? Well, nowhere.

Amanda said...

After all, you are the Nowhere Man ...

Becky's Place said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date on all the constructions. I love it! Great job!

Casey Childs said...

you're right, we'd be "nowhere" w/o Jared.
thanks for the comment, more construction photos to come...

Christina said...

Looks great Cas. You'll be painting master pieces in there in no time.

Amanda said...

Hey, I just had a thought. When the studio is done and you are actually doing work in there, you should rename your blog "Inside the Artist's New Studio."