Saturday, October 22, 2011

Greater Love Hath No Man

Casey Childs, Greater Love Hath No Man, Oil on Linen, 60x48″

After nearly a year of work and research on this painting, it is half finished. My goal is to paint a dipytch, but this half of the painting is done.

I finished this in time to enter into the Spiritual & Religious show at the
Springville Museum in Springville UT. I hope you'll go check it out!


Tim Fitzgerald said...

Hi Casey,
I would like to see your painting in person, it's great. However living in North Carolina makes that impossible. When will we get to see the other half?
With A Handshake
Tim Fitz

Unknown said...

Hey I'd like a portrait of myself! hehe just kidding. You are awesome please keep the good work!

Casey Childs said...

Hey Tim, I'm not sure--the other half is only at the concept stage right now and since this is a project I took on myself, I need to find someone to invest in the painting so I will be able to finish the entire idea. Thanks for the comment.

And thanks Nelson! We'll do. :)

chumpmonkey said...

I clicked on a link posted by a Facebook friend of mine (and fellow caricaturist), Vincenzo Patzo, because I was very impressed with the realism in a portrait of yours. Imagine my surprise when the first painting I saw on your blog was a scene from Church history. I'm a Mormon myself, and it's great to see such excellent artistry combined with a tribute to a key moment in my religion's past. Beautiful work!

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Jem said...

Just beautiful, Casey. I think you hit it spot on. I can feel their emotion when I look at the painting. You are so talented.

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Carrie and Tyson said...

I saw this painting last year in the Church art museum in SLC and just now found your blog. Your painting is stunning! I rounded the corner, saw it and it brought me to tears - the emotion is so real, so close to the surface. Congratulations on your talent and hard work! And thank you for sharing it.

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