Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Charcoal

14"x11". Charcoal on paper.
This is a drawing (still in-progress) for the family series I'm currently working on, see lil' man and Lauren. I have two additional drawings to complete the entire family. This portrait is of a good friend of mine and an excellent photographer, Michael VaughAn. I have a link to his site in the left hand column.
I'm really working on these portrait to be very detailed in the face while maintaining a looseness everywhere else. I want to carry that feeling more into my paintings. I feel it creates alot of visual excitement.
Now, this drawing reminds me of something that W. Whitaker has taught me when it comes to painting/drawing glasses. And that is you need to take great care in making sure that both elipses of the glass lenses are absolutely the same size. Nothing looks more non-professional than having the lenses of the glasses different sizes or shapes. So let's all make sure we get them right!


Anonymous said...

The optometrists of the world will thank you for that.

Jason Waskey said...

I had much the same admonishment in art school lo these many years ago...

Casey Childs said...


thanks for the comment--it's small details that make good artists great. btw, I'm really enjoying your everyday small paintings.

Everyone should check out his blog, he does wonderful work.