Friday, October 29, 2010

limited Sketch

I’ve often spoken with people who would like to commission a portrait but cannot afford one. This left me with a question: how can I create high quality, original artwork for people at a price most can afford?

Here is my answer--it is called “limited Sketch.” From now until November 20, I’ve decided to accept the first 100 commissions for an 11×14 portrait charcoal sketch for only 200.00, including frame and shipping. The normal cost of an 11×14 portrait sketch is 650.00, which means that you can receive the same high quality, original sketch you would expect from me at a fraction of the usual price. These commissions will be shipped by December 10.

After I receive the first 100 commissions, the cost of an 11×14 portrait charcoal sketch will return to 650.00. The limited sketch is now the opportunity to purchase my artwork at a reduced price.

You can see more details about the project here:

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Gam said...

what if:

you allow clients to commission an art work, but they pay and receive it in stages .... 200$ for the charcoal study, xxx$ for the under-painting, xxx$ for the "first glaze" .... until all the phases for the paintings are completed and you sign the front at an exclusive (or not) "vernissage" for the client and invited guests ....